The average entry-level diver is 27 – 30 years old, college educated, and 60% of them are male.

For many years, the gender ratio of 65% male versus 35% female remained constant, but there has been a shift in the past 5 years, with women now making up 40% of new divers.

As we look ahead to Women’s Day on 9 August, OMSAC will be celebrating women in diving for the whole month.

In addition to being the most active diving club in the Cape, OMSAC is extremely proud to be home to an enviably large number of active female divers. Between them, they have a combined total of 65 years of experience and over 1869 hours logged underwater! Many of these women serve in leadership positions on our committee, and are a powerhouse of knowledge and one of our most valuable resources.

Join us this month as we celebrate the rise and rise of women in diving.

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