Did you know that the first swimwear edition of Sports Illustrated on 23 May 1955 featured a scuba diver after a record-setting deep dive, rather than a swimwear model?

Zale Parry was that diver, and another true pioneer of the diving industry. Amongst other things, she helped to create the first civilian hyperbaric chamber alongside her husband, worked as a stunt double and actress in the TV show Sea Hunt, and set a women’s deep diving record. Credited as the face of scuba and advancing it beyond the exclusive status as something only for the hardiest macho types, she described that era in the following terms:

“Women are hardy […]. We can tolerate pain in greater and longer sessions than men […]. […] in my story of the record dive, I needed no help to gear up, and I didn’t pout or ask for assistance. Enjoy the whole of the sport: Servants do not increase bliss. My memory of the era is simply that the sport of diving was for everyone. It is an enhancement of richness for the knowledge of the sea”.

Check out an episode of Sea Hunt on the link below:

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