When I researching this blog post about Women in Scuba Diving, I came across article after article about how men dominate the scuba industry and how women are marginalised. And although the stats don’t lie, only 35% of Open Water scuba divers are women and that drops to 23% for any higher dive qualification and less than 20% at professional level, I have never experienced anything like that. I see women getting invloved and enjoying scuba diving everywhere. I am thrilled that I joined a progressive dive club with no noticeable gender bias. Everyone is encouraged to get involved in the club. From serving on the committee (which has more women than men this year), to training as a compressor operator or just furthering your scuba qualifications, OMSAC is equally open and encouraging to all. And our after dive photos bear that out. We often have more women on our weekend club dives than men.

Coming from a male dominated industry (only 17% of architects are women) where I am often asked to take the coffee order at a meeting or take minutes regardless of the fact that I am  the senior consultant there, being part of such an unbiased dive club is a refreshing change from my 9 to 5 life.