Location: Windmill

Date: 16th June 2012
Max Depth:
7.8 m
Average depth:
5.1 m
41 min
14 °C

Saturday morning once again Anand and myself met at Pisces, this time with a few extra divers, Graham and his daughter Julie and Erich. We had the honour to have Julie’s first time diving with other people than Pisces Divers’ Saturday dive. We also had the honour of Erich joining us after a heavy night out watching German football team win. We attempted to dive A-frame and as happened the previous day, the conditions were not favourable to dive. We decided to attempt Windmill, conditions were favourable but visibility was not as welcoming as that of Friday afternoon.

Once kitted up, I quickly went through the dive as this time it was me guiding the other divers. I wanted to make sure that Julie and Graham were comfortable. The dive was very pleasurable and relaxing with us encountering several octopi, cuttlefish and a large number of nudibranchs, and at one point encountering more than 6 black nudibranchs within centimetres of each other.

Hope to see you soon underwater.