The plan was to meet at Pisces at 09h00 Sunday and dive at A-Frame. At just past 09h00, a scouting party (3 new and 2 experienced divers) was send out to scout the conditions at A-frame. Their mission included that if the conditions was not suitable there, they had to scout for a suitable spot and report back to the divers waiting at Pisces.

A-Frame was found not suitable because of a strong surge. The other sites that was scouted included Shark Ally and Windmill Beach, and the conclusion was that Windmill Beach will be the dive spot. (Some of the scouts might have been glad not to dive at Shark Ally)

The famously brilliant cellphone reception in Simon’s Town helped us not to relay the message through to Pisces, and the scouting team decided they will make the dive at Windmill Beach by themselves.

Unfortunately a leak on a dive computer caused one of the group not to start the dive, so 4 of us entered at North Cove. Some of the life that was observed underwater included a big Pajama Shark, couple of Galjoen/Hottentot/Roman’s and a couple of Nudibranchs.

We had some unexpected training for the new divers caused by a free flowing regulator, but the dive was good fun and the surge made sure we worked for our fun.

Thanks Naomi, Wynand, Jade and Emile! It was good fun!

Jannie Scholtz