Me and Mark went diving this Sunday with Underwater Explorers at a site I have not dived before named Whittle Rock. The boat ride was a bit longer than normal due to it being about 8 km from Millers point. Jumping in the water looked a little bit green, but as we dropped below 10m or so it cleared up to about 10m viz. It was a bit chilly at 11 degrees. I must start using my Drysuit more often!! The site was a very nice dive with the reef over a very big area. Nice big fans and lots of other life on the reef. We unfortunately ran out a bit quickly of No Deco Time and had to surface as we were at a average depth of 26m. At this time we were far away from the pinnacle and could not explore it. All and all a very nice dive, might have also been due to me being out of the water for almost a month prior to this.

I stayed with Alistair for a second dive on the PMB, to take some photos of it with my new Camera. The viz was a bit less at +-5m, but it was still a nice dive. Did a nice swim thru with Alistair. I did manage to take some Marco photos of some sea life, but my wide angle shots did not turn up as nice with the water being a bit dirty on top and not much sun coming thru.