If you’re looking for some interactive Ocean Art the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival presented by Vans screens from 1 to 11 March 2022 is what youve been looking for.

It comprises a diverse lineup of ocean-minded events, including film screenings, talks, art exhibitions, a charity auction, a lecture, community upliftment days, ocean expo, live music, a photographic competition and public mural.

Festival Director Shani Judes says: “We have moved from December 2021 to March 2022. Our reasons are to mitigate against the continued threat posed by Covid-19, to grow festival attendance during a less busy time of the year, and of course the weather in Cape Town is generally kinder to us late in the summer!”

Wavescape has teamed up with Orms, Canon and SJ Artists to curate the Ocean Photographic Exhibition, which features the best ocean photographs in South Africa. The competition opens for submissions in early December and runs until 15 January 2022. Judges choose 20 images for an exhibition along the Sea Point Promenade from 1 March.

There will be a NSRI panel with information and donation information for people to easily donate to the NSRI.

Check out the full line up herehttps://www.wavescapefestival.com/And here is a youtube clip on Chris Auret’s Mural from 2020https://youtu.be/ksiQo4Sj45I