I love looking out across the Cape Flats from UCT on one of those hazy summer days. The mountains behind Somerset West and Stellenbosch look a bit like a cardboard cut-out — all the peaks stand up jagged and silhouetted against the skyline.

That’s exactly the angle you’re looking for when you photograph underwater critters like nudibranchs.

Often the first view you have of the nudi — and the easiest one to capture — is the top-down view.

Trouble is, that’s really the least interesting view you can show! Look at the photo on the right — sure, the colours look gorgeous but a lot of the Cape Dorid’s delicate detail looks a bit … blobby.

However, if you can wriggle down to the level of the surface the nudi is sitting on, you should be able to capture a decent side-profile of it (like the photo on the left) and then – Bingo!

👋🏼 You can wave bye-bye to the blob .

The bottom line (especially when photographing nudis) is that silhouettes look better than blobs.