High Contrast — Grab Our Attention

Ever looked back at one of your photos, scratched your head and wondered, “What on earth was I trying to capture with this one?”Me, too 😜Sometimes what caught your eye underwater just seems to blend into the background when you take a look at the shot in the fresh air.

That’s exactly what happened on the right.

I am a sucker for a dwarf cushion star — I love the texture and the intricate colour patterns. They look like they have been created by a creative submarine cross-stitcher!The problem is, that cushion star was neutral colours on a sandy rock. No way was it ever going to stand out and shine.

The shot on the left, on the other hand?

Well, it had everything going for it.

Bright red-orange against a dark, rough surface, that sea-star fairly leaps off the screen to show itself off to you.

Long story short — include high contrast when possible

Bright vs. dull / warm vs. cool: use contrasting colours when you compose your photos.

Contrast will do a lot of heavy lifting for you.