Smitswinkel Wrecks – Transvaal

I joined Pisces Divers as Divemaster for their Sunday launches and assisted Carel on the Deep and Wreck PADI courses he was running with students. The conditions above the water were a little challenging for the skipper with the wind picking up quite a bit of chop but once below the water, everything was quite serene. After sorting out students on top, there wasn’t much time for a dive but JP and I did manage to squeeze in 23 minutes on the Transvaal Wreck which sits at 33m below. A good experience and another dive added to my Divemaster Training log. Whoop!

Kicked out of the Atlantic this week

We have been kicked out of the Atlantic this week with strong surf and wind pushing the swell up!
False Bay has been kind with 15m vis on the PMB and lot’s of Cow Sharks around at Pyramid. Today at Long Beach we had 17deg, seals, 2 octopus and a few shy sharks who seem to be making a return. The rays seem to be scarce this week, with few divers having the pleasure of their company.
This weekend we are False Bay side again, with a deep speciality on the Smits Wrecks. Can’t wait!
Happy Diving all.