Cleaning the SAS Assegaai

This weekend Mark, Jody and myself joined a group of divers to clean the outside of the Museum Submarine in the Simonstown harbour. It was a lovely day out. Although i gotta say it is a funny feeling to jump into the sea in full scuba kit with a spade.
We mostly clean only 3m below the water level and leave all the creatures living at the bottom of the sub alone. The cleaning is done about once a month by volunteers like us, both for visual appeal to visitors and taking some weight of the sub, as all the growing reef gets quite thick and heavy.

After the cleaning we did put down the spades and do a fun dive on the bottom of the  sub. Their is a lot of life under the sub and we also created a nice feast for all the fish living under the sub and around the area, although i only saw small fish at the bottom which has a max dept of 14m. The sub is only about 6m under the water at most.

I did see lots of anemones and crabs “hanging” on the bottom of the sub. Most of the “hull” if i can call it that, is cover in white tubes which as far as my understanding is not native in Cape Town waters but arrived from one of the sub many underwater trips. I was searching all over the hull for some nudibranch’s but i could not spot even one. I did get to see my first big intact jellyfish underwater as it passed the sub.

The structure of the rudder and props is quit interesting and full of growth but still fully intact. I tried to get some photos to fully get the layout.

All and all a very nice dive after doing some underwater work with your dive buddies.

Diver’s night

I caught the train to Pisces Divers and decided I was not going to dive because all along the coast there were big waves. But after fish & chips and  a lot of friends arriving, I decided I must join them. Never dived at this site (Jetty in Simons Town, near Bertha’s), but it did not disappoint. Loads of Beaked Sandfish, a Sponge Crab or two, a Pleated Toadfish and a lot of baby Shy Sharks. Congratulations to Graham on his first night dive.


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This was the 1st year that OMSAC have joined in Divers Night – last year there were only 3 divers. This year there were 20!

Worldwide last year, the event saw 2749 divers on 218 dive sites in 20 countries so a great event to be a part of. Thanks to Tony and Claire from Learn to Dive Today for organising.

The Underwater Explorers Trilogy

Alistair had to cancel the second time he wanted to have their Birthday launches. Wynand was already in Simons Town and we dragged Carel, on his day off into the water. Long Beach was full of little babies: gurnards & brittle stars and a huge blue jellyfish. We did not see the stingray’s yet, but they are back. Next time. I think this has also been my longest dive 74min in 15.3 degree water.

Naomi van der Colff