Foolhardiness or Courageous at Long Beach

With the wind feeding us sand and very choppy surface conditions, Zelda and I were rewarded with an awesome 79 minute dive at good ol’ faithful Long Beach. Conditions below were much kinder with 5 metre viz in 17 degree water. We got to see a few eerie looking octopuses cloaking themselves in their tentacles. There were a few pipe fish fluttering around and a scurrying cuttle fish. A group of crazy hermit crabs trying to do a stack which was funny to watch as they kept rolling off each other. Maybe they should try planking. We encountered a school of silver fish in a feeding frenzy and on our way out I encountered a ray with a wingspan of about a metre.

Kicked out of the Atlantic this week

We have been kicked out of the Atlantic this week with strong surf and wind pushing the swell up!
False Bay has been kind with 15m vis on the PMB and lot’s of Cow Sharks around at Pyramid. Today at Long Beach we had 17deg, seals, 2 octopus and a few shy sharks who seem to be making a return. The rays seem to be scarce this week, with few divers having the pleasure of their company.
This weekend we are False Bay side again, with a deep speciality on the Smits Wrecks. Can’t wait!
Happy Diving all.

Dive Report: Long Beach – Wednesday, 7 Mar 2012

A group of 8 us from both OMSAC and Pisces Divers set out on a night dive at Long Beach. Carel had 2 Advanced students with him who did a little navigation and then on we went to some dicovering. There was plenty to see and I have  a new found respect for Long Beach – always something new on offer! Although Ander and I did not see the rays this dive, the others in the group did. I wonder if they ever sleep?!?

The dive was a very pleasant 19 degrees and viz of about 8-10m. All in all a worth while effort 🙂

Words: Rochelle

Pics: Ander



Dive Report: Longbeach, 25 Feb 2012

Finally I saw them all. I convinced Rod, Graham and Ander to walk to the Brunswick and then swim back towards Long beach. My reason: we might get bored just swimming down the pipeline and around the wreck and then still have a lot of air left.

No Brunswick but the best Long beach dive ever! So typical and unexpected this ray swam past me and almost next to it a smaller one was giving us his feeding performance in its hole. The pink mosaic pleurobranch, octopi, pipefish, flute fish, orange clubbed nudibranch and gurnard was also interesting. The cherry on the cake was the double sash butterfly fish. We all achieved something: Ander did his 90th dive, closing in on 100 soon. Rod navigated perfectly and Graham was very impressed with his air consumption on my longest dive ever of 70 min.



Contributing factors was 19 degree water and not deeper than 5 meters with average viz.