Cow Sharks at Pyramid Rock

Danie De Kock and I met up at Pisces Divers and decided to head out to Pyramid Rock for a morning dive.  The weather was great and the ocean looked awesome from the road.  When we got to the water the surf was rather hectic. Danie managed to get into the water quite quickly, but I got pummelled on the rocks by the surf.  We did a short swim out and descended amongst the kelp.  Danie took point and did a good job navigating the site. The water was a really great temperature (I haven’t downloaded the dive data yet) and the vis wasn’t bad.  A pajama shark about a meter long actually bumped into Danie during the dive.  Then we found the sharks. I should actually say they found us because they appeared and disappeared like ghosts in the water, at times just looming shadows floating past us. With a dive time of just over 40 minutes and so much to see (despite being my most challenging entry and exit thus far), it was still an awesome dive!


Fish Hoek Reef

Fish Hoek Reef

14C: pea soup DELICIOUS! Nudi party down there!! Lots of flatworms, shysharks, leopard catshark, pyjama catshark and an extremely nosy seal! Such interesting reef structure… almost tiered. But… the fish are extremely skittish… SOMETHING is hunting that reef!

Pyramid Rock

14C: (sorry, no GoPro) 6-metre viz, a whole different nudi party! 4 scribbled and a small-spot dorid were the highlights. Rather than go visit the sharks, swam towards Pyramid Rock to the reefs there.


Pyramid Rock

Sunday 3 June 2012

Mark, Rochelle, Jordan, Rob & Myself.
Accompanied by Naomi, who didn’t dive with us on Sunday, we made our entrance at the old slip way at Millers Point.

Flat sea, with almost no swell, made it a really easy swim out. We descended just past the kelp around the rocks and were lucky enough to have about 8-10m viz throughout the dive.

Led by Mark, and accompanied by heaps of cowsharks, along with pyjama sharks and a number of other critters, we made our way towards pyramid and back, spending almost an hour in the water.

Unfortunately Rob had to abort the dive 15 minutes in, thanks to a troublesome reg, but for the rest of us it was a great, easy going dive!


Kicked out of the Atlantic this week

We have been kicked out of the Atlantic this week with strong surf and wind pushing the swell up!
False Bay has been kind with 15m vis on the PMB and lot’s of Cow Sharks around at Pyramid. Today at Long Beach we had 17deg, seals, 2 octopus and a few shy sharks who seem to be making a return. The rays seem to be scarce this week, with few divers having the pleasure of their company.
This weekend we are False Bay side again, with a deep speciality on the Smits Wrecks. Can’t wait!
Happy Diving all.