Today a couple of OMSACcians took to the water to see if the PMB is still as awesome as the rumors claim… Among others, our group consisted of Myself, Jolene, Naomi, Stephen, Irene, Stephen Sr., Wynand and fearless leader Justin “Silver Fox” Johnson leading the expedition aboard the H.M.S. Pisces.

We launched at around 11h30 with calm seas and cloudy, yet thankfully dry skies. A full 3.2 second boat ride and we were ready to drop anchor and get wet! Today was an auspicious day for me seeing as it was the long-overdue first dive with my recently upgraded video lights which I made from modern day sticks and dung: PVC and… well… elbow grease!…

So a quick roll and into the drink we went, passing a mild thermocline and descending on Justin’s accurately placed shot taking us to the middle of ye olde wreck at 20m. The first part of the descent sported some low viz, but once we went through the thermocline it cleared up to a very decent 10m+ at around 13 degrees, depending on behind who you’re swimming

A quick inspection confirmed that the new lights were holding up and I proceeded to do a few zig-zag passes over the deck and through the swimthoughs, followed closely by keen-photographer Potgieter. Over the period of the dive we managed to do multiple passes as well as a fairly complete parameter swim of the wreck which is looking gorgeous as always.

Alas, much as we would have loved to stay down there forever, after about 30 minutes, it was time to start heading up, stopping for a quick smoke at 5m before returning to the dreary, gravity-ridden world above sea level…

Total dive time was 36min, max depth 20.4m and avg temp 13deg.

Now. Let’s all return to work tomorrow. Joy.
Martin Els

Whittle Rock

Me and Mark went diving this Sunday with Underwater Explorers at a siteĀ I have not dived before named Whittle Rock. The boat ride was a bit longer than normal due to it being about 8 km from Millers point. Jumping in the water looked a little bit green, but as we dropped below 10m or so it cleared up to about 10m viz. It was a bit chilly at 11 degrees. I must start using my Drysuit more often!! The site was a very nice dive with the reef over a very big area. Nice big fans and lots of other life on the reef. We unfortunately ran out a bit quickly of No Deco Time and had to surface as we were at a average depth of 26m. At this time we were far away from the pinnacle and could not explore it. All and all a very nice dive, might have also been due to me being out of the water for almost a month prior to this.

I stayed with Alistair for a second dive on the PMB, to take some photos of it with my new Camera. The viz was a bit less at +-5m, but it was still a nice dive. Did a nice swim thru with Alistair. I did manage to take some Marco photos of some sea life, but my wide angle shots did not turn up as nice with the water being a bit dirty on top and not much sun coming thru.