I had a great dive with OMSAC members on Saturday.  Conditions seemed good for diving but Inner Castle and Pyramid looked a bit surgy so we opted for A-Frame. Justin lead the dive and Pieter and I buddied up at the back end.  We saw a pajama shark, juvenile shy sharks, plenty fish and a good variety of nudis (gas flame, blue, crowned). There were a few surgy spots but my dive buddy steadied me to get a better pic.  All in all it was a very enjoyable dive. Afterwards Justin and some of the others opted for another dive elsewhere.

I know we’re in Cape Town and we’re Capetonians but certain scuba divers take laid-back to a new dimension!! Some of us were seriously worried whether we were actually going to dive on Saturday or rather Sunday at the speed some divers were kitting up! LOL

Zelda van Wyk

Cow Sharks at Pyramid Rock

Danie De Kock and I met up at Pisces Divers and decided to head out to Pyramid Rock for a morning dive.  The weather was great and the ocean looked awesome from the road.  When we got to the water the surf was rather hectic. Danie managed to get into the water quite quickly, but I got pummelled on the rocks by the surf.  We did a short swim out and descended amongst the kelp.  Danie took point and did a good job navigating the site. The water was a really great temperature (I haven’t downloaded the dive data yet) and the vis wasn’t bad.  A pajama shark about a meter long actually bumped into Danie during the dive.  Then we found the sharks. I should actually say they found us because they appeared and disappeared like ghosts in the water, at times just looming shadows floating past us. With a dive time of just over 40 minutes and so much to see (despite being my most challenging entry and exit thus far), it was still an awesome dive!