Underwater beauty of Sodwana

I met Carel and Naomi at Cape Town International and off we set for a week in one of the worlds premier dive sites. A two hour flight and three and a half hour car ride and we arrived at Coral Divers. An easy check in and off to dive planning to sort out the next days diving. The first dive launches at 07h00 so we all meet at the kit up area at 06h00 to catch the shuttle to the beach about 2km away.

A dive briefing from a DMT and a then a surf launch.

Dive number 1 was at Bikini on 2 mile reef. With Carel and Naomi as my dive buddies I was treated to an hours dive in 27 degree water. During this dive I saw my first Moray Eel, a Ribbon Ray and many of the other colourful fish we never see in the cold waters of Cape Town.

Over the next week I did 7 dives while Carel and Naomi did 10. All my dives were at 2 mile reef at an average depth of around 16m for about 60mins

On these dives we saw a young turtle, scorpion fish-(how Carel sees them I have no idea) a school of rays, various nudibranchs and many common warm water fish.

Carel took me through the digital camera course and helped me spot many photographic opportunities.

As the week came to an end the rain came down but the dives were done. My thanks to Carel and Naomi for showing me the underwater beauty of Sodwana.

Coopers Wreck & G-spot, Durban

Coopers Wreck
I finally got some bottom time in my home town, Durban. Surface conditions were perfect for the boat ride out to the wreck. Undersurface conditions were 20 deg C and around 10 metres viz. Cooper’s wreck itself is still pretty much intact and lies upright. There were huge lion fish swimming around the wreck. It was amazing to sea them swim out in the open and follow us for most part of the dive. The wreck is also home to a few colourful moray eels.   A wonderful introduction to diving at Durban.

G-Spot – Durban
My second dive for the day was at a reef called G-Spot, named so because it’s difficult to find . The colour of the marine life on the reef is amazing with lots of various colour box fish and baby box fish too. There were loads of big crayfish as well and a school of silver fish. Definitely worth the visit.