Clan Stuart

Anyone who took the time to open a curtain on Saturday would have seen that it was the most awesome, sunny, clear-sky, wind-free day of the summer so far. It was really just the epitome of summer excellence and the surf proved to be on par in dive quality…

We all met at Pisces from 09h00, and by “all” I mean all 5 of us (WHAAAAT?!). Despite the splendid weather we seemed to be suffering a slight participatory disorder on the day, by …nonetheless, it was bound to be a dive to remember!

We were ready to hit the water around 10h00, and with small waves making their debut we decided to go for the Clan Stuart, where the water was looking particularly inviting with a tropical turquoise water lapping against the white sand…

Surface temps were at 23 degrees and did not go down much from there, reaching a dive-low of no less than 19 degrees. About halfway through the dive, I wanted to take off my hoodie and gloves as the heat was actually a little uncomfortable at times. I would have happily done the dive just my shorty. That’s how warm it was.

The abundance of unhindered sunlight together with the shallow depth of the clan and lack of surge meant that the viz was also exceptional on this dive, being around 10m I estimate.

Special fauna for the dive was a HUGE Red Roman which was blind in one eye, meaning I could hide in his blind side and get a good look at him. But the absolute apex of the dive for me was the discovery of not one, but TWO double sash butterflyfish! These exhibit colours the likes of which are not often seen in the frigid capetonian waters and it was great to have a chance to really get a good look at them. Kudos to Jolene for spotting the little juvenile in what I can only describe as a tiny cave under some kelp.

I also spotted a big octopus, but this guy had no interest in coming into the open despite my continuous coaxing with shiny things.

All and all, we could not have asked for a better summer dive. It was one of those that you remember for months to come and often go “remember that perfect weather day..?”

Martin Els

Clan Stuart Night Dive

Location: Clan Stuart
Date: 15th June 2012
Max Depth: 7.7 m
Average depth: 5.2 m
Time: 46 min
Temp: 14 °C

On Friday afternoon Anand and myself met at Pisces Divers to decide where to dive, and with the hope that some other divers would come and join us. We decided that we wanted to try A-frame, however, the conditions were not suitable, so we decided to do Clan Stuart, as we did Windmill the night before. We kitted up on the side of the road and went in for a nice shore dive, and we were welcomed by some decent size waves, luckily enough the wave time period was regular enough not to make our entry too complicated.

Once on the water edge, Anand decided to practice some of his DM training and guided us through a nice dive, taking leadership of the dive and guiding us perfectly all around the wreckage. Water visibility was not great (3 – 4 m), with lots of particles suspended in the water column. The highlight of the dive was when three juvenile seals joined us for half of the dive, coming as close as possible, and when we stopped to stared at them they’ll come and sit next to us on the sand as well as doing acrobatics throughout the dive. Other than that the dive was uneventful, but relaxing and overall very enjoyable.

See you under the water!


Clan Stuart Expedition

On our Clan Stuart expedition on Saturday morning I split my left foot wide open on a piece of rusty metal in the surf! Ambulance & stitches!! Woohoo!

It’s really more of a good story than a big deal and I am fine 🙂 We were launching my kayak in the surf. In the action we didn’t realise how close we were to a piece of metal wreckage that we knew about. Right in line between the lower car park and the Clan Stuart wreck. Didn’t see it at all in the waves. Could have been worse if it caught my calf or ankle.

I was taken to hospital by ambulance because I’d never been in one and I was fully covered by DAN. With hindsight I should not have done this because I could easily have been driven there.

Thanks to all the people who helped! I got food, meds and tea and all my kit was taken care of. Ironically I was the one who was First Aid trained. Izak and Adrian even took me and my car home. All I had to do was sit back and act like a big baby!