Peaceful A-Frame

Anand and I met on a peaceful Summer morning to dive A-Frame. The sea was flat as ever and a wonderful 21 degrees. I’ve dived through a trail of caves there before with Carel so our mission was to find as many as possible again. It was a colourful, stunning dive, one of those to remember for a long time. We saw a few octopus, pyjama sharks and nudi’s that I’ve never seen before – very pleasant!




I had a great dive with OMSAC members on Saturday.  Conditions seemed good for diving but Inner Castle and Pyramid looked a bit surgy so we opted for A-Frame. Justin lead the dive and Pieter and I buddied up at the back end.  We saw a pajama shark, juvenile shy sharks, plenty fish and a good variety of nudis (gas flame, blue, crowned). There were a few surgy spots but my dive buddy steadied me to get a better pic.  All in all it was a very enjoyable dive. Afterwards Justin and some of the others opted for another dive elsewhere.

I know we’re in Cape Town and we’re Capetonians but certain scuba divers take laid-back to a new dimension!! Some of us were seriously worried whether we were actually going to dive on Saturday or rather Sunday at the speed some divers were kitting up! LOL

Zelda van Wyk

GoPro Treasure Hunt

Justin and I set off to Millers slipway to search for the missing GoPro. Although the
sea was flat there had been reports of a strong surge and with an incoming tide we
decided to go back to A-frame.

Martin who got caught up in the Kalk Bay stop/go system met us there. A quick look
showed a very flat sea at low tide thus making for an easy entry. So we kitted up and
got into the water.

Justin led with Martin and I following. We dropped down to 4m and Justin using his
compass took us out towards the group of rocks making up A frame. The compass
was required as the viz dropped quickly and varied between 3-4 m.

In the gloom of a plankton bloom Justin pointed out a passing shadow which he saw
but I did not until a seal appeared out of nowhere and nearly head butted me. He
swam around us making sure we were not stealing his lunch and then disappeared
as fast as he arrived.

Justin still using his compass and his memory of landmarks (can they be land marks
underwater) took us around the dive site.

Martin had his spare GoPro and took a few pictures which he has posted on his
facebook page.

Martin and I saw a biggish pajama shark which ducked under an overhang before
Martin could get a picture.

After about 40 minutes we surfaced right at the exit point. As we all had plenty of
air we ducked down again and followed the rocks along the shore into an area I
have never been before. Although it was very shallow we spent another 10 minutes
looking around and then popped up at the exit point again.

Add navigation to Justin’s committee portfolio.

Thanks to Justin for leading and to Martin for being my buddy ‘assisting’ me to put on
my fins and then drag me out of the water after the dive.


A-Frame Dive

Paul and Naomi led the Sunday OMSAC shore dive at A frame. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my daughter and her fiancée, my son and my niece’s boyfriend so a real family dive for me.

The tide at A frame was high, so getting in looked easy as we just needed to fall into the waves. Unfortunately after falling in, the right technique would be to swim away from the rocks. This however I did not do. Having then had a fight with the rocks I was left with a bleeding hand. Paul checked it out to see if any casevac was required as he had all the procedures down pat after his last dive at the Clan Stuart. We decided that that would be a bit of overkill so all continued the dive.

Once in the water the visibility was reasonable and we had a good fun 46min dive. Temperature of the water was a comfortable 14deg.

Saw a few macro things; a nudibranch or two and a biggish pyjama shark.

With the tide still high the exit was a little tricky but we all made it safely to The Glen for  lunch.

Thanks to Paul and Naomi for leading the dive.


Graeme Lovesay



A Frame

Location: A-frame
Date: 30th June 2012
Max Depth: 8.3 m
Average depth: 5.2 m
Time: 52 min
Temp: 12 °C

On Saturday 30th June and despite the nasty conditions in town, Charles, Kevin, Naomi and myself headed out for a dive in False Bay. I must admit, at first I contacted Charles and Kevin to let them know that we should postpone the dive until a bit later, but shortly afterwards I found from Carel that Naomi was already on her way. I decided to call Charles and Kevin and rush them to Pisces Divers to meet Naomi by 9:30 am.

Once in the peninsula the weather remained crap, but slightly better than the weather in town, we decided to head towards A-frame and got changed under a little drizzle. Naomi agreed to lead the dive, mainly due to the fact that I have only dived there a few times. Naomi guided us perfectly underwater and we had time to go through the hole a couple of times. We were graced by the presence of the usual suspects, i.e. gas flame nudi, black nudi, several carpet worms and a nudibranch that I have never seen before but that I believe is the Mandela’s nudibranch, however feel free to correct me.