On Saturday I joined Carel and the Pisces boat for a dive on Tafelberg Reef. The weather was slightly overcast but the water was flat and so we had an easy ride to the dive site. On the boat was a crowd of missing OMSAC members who were diving with an old dive buddy visiting from Aus.

It was my first time to this reef and I was impressed by the colours on show. Carel pointed out a number of nudibranchs and an impressive basket star. How he sees them is uncanny. See his pictures on facebook.

The visibility was the best I have ever seen so it was great to get a good overall impression of a reef instead of just what is in front of you.
Water temp dropped to 9 deg at 20m so cold quickly crept in and after 36mins of freezing my butt my air said time to go so I did.
On our way back to Hout bay we were spoiled by a huge pod of dolphins who were all around us in an amazing display of grace and beauty. A great way to end a dive.

Graeme Lovesay