I dived Tafelberg reef, Duiker island by boat and did a shore dive to the cow sharks in the past week.

The 1st 2 dives was by boat with Pisces and with cold water and not to bad viz it made it quite good. Especially that I had my dry suit on again;-). Stephen and Mark with Graeme joined the 1st dive. On the 2nd dive to the seals Ursula, Mark, Stephen, Zelda and Naomi were all in on the boat with Naomi after 20 minutes stating the seals is not fun anymore and ended her dive. Ursula and Mark are on holiday from Aus. where they immigrated to a couple of years ago.


Sunday I went with Alex and Julian from Guernsy to see the sharks. We used the slipway entry and braved the swell which was not the smallest. Once descended, the viz was from 1-6 meters depending where we were in relation to the rocks and the substrate below us. When we had gravel and reef the viz was good but with the sand, really bad. Nearer to the outcropped rocks we could feel heavy surge but the sharks were out in force and every now and then one would glide past us and reverse with the swell and off again. Temp was 13 degrees, a whole lot warmer than the previous 8-9 degree water.