This is a fantastic year-round dive site, especially when the sea is flat.

Due to its distance from Gordon’s Bay, it is not dived often and is a pristine reef. This is a huge reef system and we have two main drops, 1km apart. 

What to look out for: 

This is an extraordinary dive site with something new and exciting to see around every corner. 

Huge sea fans, soft corals, noble coral, enormous orange wall sponges, gas flame, black, frilled nudibranchs and rare nudibranchs such as Mandela and black gasflame not often seen; fish such as white sea catfish, horsefish, yellow belly rock cod, koester, pyjama, puffadder and leopard catshark are found here. 

So much to see, this is a must-do dive for everyone!

This post is part of a collaboration with Indigo Scuba to learn more about Gordon’s Bay Dive sites.