Shark Alley, Saturday 12 May 2012

Erich, Johann, Johann’s friend, Gunther and myself

We got chucked off the grass outside the Millers Point clubhouse by a not-so-friendly guy and had to walk the parking lot with our gear to enter down via the rocks.

Flat sea, slight swell, but a fairly easy swim out.

Some abnormal marine life on the swim out popped up from the kelp to greet us in the form of Mark Le Roux !

As soon as we descended we were greeted by our seven gill friends, and I knew Erich would be pleased with his outward bound navigation. The cow sharks seemed to remain with us and around us for the whole dive. A few other shy sharks along the way showed their faces too.

Visibility varied from 4 metres up to 8 metres + at times.

We surfaced to note our position before our journey back to shore. I took the task to test my compass and bring us “in” ! We all arrived spot on target, but alas one of Johann’s fins decided to disconnect itself from his foot in the kelp and was nowhere to be found. Other than this, all in all a very pleasant dive.