Our theme this month is ocean-inspired art, and wow, there is plenty of it!

The Cape’s very own Kelp Forests, those watery spaces full of golden life and filtered light, lead the way in inspiring many and we are only too delighted to highlight a few people whose work has caught our eye.Feel free to share your own fabulous finds in the comments…


Owner and creative spirit Caroline Esterhuizen moved on from her teaching career during lockdown and has now come full-circle to her original love: photography.

She also discovered the joy of freeze-diving (and facing her fears!) and can be found more days than not embracing the joys of the salty seas somewhere along the False Bay coastline.

She captures her underwater impressions on her trusty, compact Olympus TG-6 and in the course of time, creates limited edition, bespoke, soft furnishings that give you a glimpse of our beautiful world beneath the ocean’s surface.

Find Caroline here: https://www.facebook.com/seaspriteliving

And on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seasprite_living/