Windmill, Simonstown, Sunday 6 May 2012

Went to dive with some good old friends at Windmill, Simonstown. It was over 4 weeks out of the water for me, probably the longest out of water for me in the last 3 years of being qualified. So is was a dive dive dive no matter what, the entry was not very clean and we did a surface swim till it cleaned up a bit. We dropped in to a nice 15deg C temp, which was very nice. A little bit further out we got 5-7 m viz, which turned out to be a very nice dive with lots of sea life swimming around us. As always a lovely 60min dive with good friends.

Sunday 13 May 2012 – Deep down was the quote of the day. Me and Mark are busy finishing our Tech course and in doing to must do a bit of time on Trimix below 50m. No problem, we have a few nice ship wrecks deep down in the Cape. Our wreck for  the day was SATS General Botha which lies at 55m. Down we went, very long time to get down there, but all and all just another wreck. With a chilly 9deg C a Drysuit was very nice having for the total dive time of 78min. Only 25min was spent at the bottom which takes very long to pass, but we had a lot of wreck to explore so no problem. Thanks to Johan and Alistair for a very nice dive and a lovely boat ride out over False Bay.

Evert Meyer