Introducing the 2022 committee…

What led you to scuba diving? (How did it all start?)

I started SCUBA diving in the early 90’s, at the time the sport was relatively new to South Africa and seemed a wonderful opportunity to see into the world I had spent hours surfing on top of. My boyfriend (now husband) was also keen to give it a go so we joined OMSAC and did our first dive qualifying dive on the 11th of September 1994 at Windmill. Never looked back.

What is your highest level of scuba qualification and how long have you been diving?

SAUU ** diver – since 1994 with a big gap in the middle, re-entry into the sport 2020.

What do you do with your free time when you’re not underwater?

Hike, Free dive, swim in the ocean, make stuff :-).

What keeps you diving? (Macro/micro marine life, diving experience peace and quiet or social aspect?)

The love of it. Diving experience and the opportunity to discover and experience new things.

What are you most excited about related to OMSAC and diving in the coming year?

Building the OMSAC tribe – building a social, interactive diving community that creates opportunity for new and old divers alike to discover and experience our wonderful oceans.

Share a fond memory related to being a member of OMSAC (on a dive, at an event or club night, etc).

Diving on the White Rose – a converted kalkbay fishing boat. Multi tank dives that took the whole day. Chilling in the sun on deck between dives and of course the mushroom soup trick that always had the newbies hang their heads over the side.

If you had to recommend a Cape dive site, which one would it be and why?

Windmill – my favorite site. Easy access (not so much the parking), opportunity to see big and small things.

If you could dive anywhere in the world, where would you go?


What, in your mind, makes a good dive buddy?

Easy going but aware. A person that shares their dive with you, not a person who dives alone in a group.

Be honest 😉 What kind of dive buddy are you?

The distracted by sparkly things buddy who looks up and everybody has gone.

What is your best tip/trick for new divers?

Learn to frog kick with fins.