Here are four reasons to consider joining a dive club.

You get to dive more often!

When you are part of a dive club, there’s more of everything—more incentive to plan ahead, more rich anticipation to savour, more motivation to get up early and meet your dive buddies at first light and more reason enjoy the dive debrief after a day of diving—because you get to share it with folks who “get it.” Think of it as positive peer pressure.

It stretches your budget.

Dive clubs can better deals on dive travel, making dream destinations more affordable and attainable for everyone. Sharing accommodation and travel costs often allow groups to afford a higher level of luxury than they might be able to afford on their own. In addition, groups know the special joy of having the entire boat to themselves.

Learn new things.

There’s always someone smarter and more experienced than you in the dive club. These divers have learned their lessons the hard way, and if you pay attention and ask the right questions, you won’t have to repeat the same mistakes.

Make better memories.

Group experiences will make your dive stories all the richer with multiple perspectives—especially when there are buddies with cameras to capture the action. And there are no fonder remembrances than those shared among friends.