False Bay offered the most incredible dives this weekend! 15m viz came standard with flat sea’s and sunshine – the perfect Winter dives!

Angie joined me for the dives on the Pisces boat and our first stop was the Princess Elizabeth, a fishing trawler scuttled in Smitswinkel Bay. It sits at 36m at its deepest so can be quite an adventure but with such great viz, was a real treat. We saw plenty of ginormous fish but my favourite was showing my 2 dive buddies their first ever Horse Fish. Plenty of Frilly Nudibranch’s acted like flowers blooming all over the almost solid wreck.

Our second launch was to Batsata Maze and while kitting up on the boat, we could see the sea floor below us – unbelievable! We were treated to a true Nemo moment when a huge school of fish followed us over the reef and pointed the direction to follow.

Words: Rochelle Harwin

Photos: Helmut Berderow