Hi all OMSAC’ers

I and some mates decided to go visit our PE dive buddies for the PE dive fest.

Saturday the diving was unfortunately cancelled due to some rain and heavy wind, causing big swells. Rochelle and Roland decided to have some fun on their own and headed into town. Me and my mates eventually once up, decided to go visit the aquarium and our aqua friends. Unfortunately it was closed due to construction happening, so we went to the museum that was right next door.

We had some fun exploring all the interesting stuff in the museum including a nice canon expo and wreck display with lots of old artifacts brought up also on show. We also managed to play a bit with a 3 year old constrictor snake at the snake sanctuary interaction display.
After making it out of the maze of a museum we ended up at the Boardwalk Casino, and visited the Magic Company to play some games and have some fun. By this time we were a bit dry mouthed and had to visit the Bar also and eventually ended up at the Noordhoek Ski boat clubhouse having some drinks with the locals, even some pink ones.
Well on Sunday we managed to get in some diving as the weather cleared and it ended up a lovely day in PE. The viz started out at around 3m I believe and by the time I went for my first dive it was 5-6m, with a nice blue color. The temp on all 3 dives I did was about 16C.
On all my dives, deep and shallow, I saw mostly the same sea life which included lots of fish swimming around include some nice colorful ones like butterfly fish, some nice big red fans with basket stars attached, and the rest mostly the same as in Cape Town like nudibranch’s, anemones and lots more colorful reef creatures and plants. I also saw the biggest pajama shark i have ever seen, just short of 1.4m I would guess.
The dives for Saturday was moved to Monday(Public Holiday), but unfortunately we already had plans for the Monday and a long drive back to Cape Town. We heard some rumors that the viz then was 15m, but maybe it is just the locals playing on our feelings 🙂
The 3 sites I dives was Bermuda, Pinnacles and Swim Thru on the Wildside side of PE.
Thanks Heather, Brendon, Rochelle and Roland for a very nice weekend away.
Evert Meyer