Average Depth: 10 m

Maximum Depth: 16 m

Entry Type: Boat Dive

Site description:Due to its relative shallow-ness, it’s great for divers of all levels. This dive site is extremely colourful. Starting off at a pinnacle which is often exposed at low tide, we make our way along the coastline. Topography is rock outcroppings and boulders, gently sloping down to a sandy sea bed at about 16 metres.

What to look out for: Nudibranchs! This is a great dive site to spot a huge variety of nudibranchs – from crowned nudibranchs, gasflame, silvertip, cape dorid, inkspot, coral and soft coral nudibranchs. Beautiful sea fans, orange wall sponges and anemones. Cuttlefish, seals, huge octopus and puffadder shyshark.