With a trained eye for the tiniest nudi and also a knack for framing a beautiful shot, Carel Van Der Colff has scooped the most monthly prizes to be crowned Photographer of the Year this year.

My first memory of Carel-the-Photographer was on a day of magic at Justin’s Caves. Conditions were crazy – flat-calm, 20+ metre viz (I am not exaggerating!) and Carel had not one camera but two. On the surface swim out we were joined by a mother otter and her pup who was fascinated by our fins, and all the otter action was captured by Carel thanks to him having both cameras on hand at the right time 🔥

Here’s hoping that your tour-guiding biz and official nudibranch safaris can get back to decent pre-pandemic lives soon, Carel!

Carel is also our incoming Club president for the 2022/23 year.