The South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) are running the Introduction and Part I of the curriculum of the UK’s Nautical Archeological Society (NAS) in April. I have done the Intro and Part I with a few others in the club. They cover the basics needed to survey a wreck site.

The courses will run from mid-morning to mid-afternoon over three Saturdays:

  • 14 April
  • 21 April
  • 28 April – please contact the organisers if you can’t make this one (see below)

The venue is Maties Underwater Club at the Coetzenburg Sports Grounds in Stellenbosch and the cost is R500 per person.

Part II will be done later this year. This part includes a practical survey component. I’m keen to do this one. Once you’ve done the Intro and Part I, come along!

Next, SAHRA are giving us an opportunity to adopt a wreck to survey. This is a chance to really spend time on one wreck and get to know it better than most divers ever will. We can choose which wreck we’d like to look at, and we can do this at our own pace. We might even be able to do this as part of NAS Part II.

We’re holding another meeting on 29 March, at the club, to hear everyone’s views. Please have a think and join us then. Maybe we can think of a better name 🙂

And for now, if you can make the course, please email Sophie Winton of SAHRA to book your spot. Her contact details are:

Cell: 079 7714 779
Phone: 021 465 2198

Feel free to contact Paul if you have any questions.