The first ever dive I did with OMSAC was a night dive, so it was an interesting reflection for me to be the one doing the dive briefing for Saturdays Night dive, and in turn introducing four new divers to the wonders of diving at night. To me this is exactly the reason to be part of an active club, an environment where new divers can become experienced divers and divers of all levels are welcome.

Thank you Mandy for organizing our first night dive of the year and for all those that attended to make it such a great evening. It was great to see faces, old and new kitting up. Just on a side note if the conditions are all messed up this weekend please blame Anand and Conrad, who dusted off their gear and graced us with their presence. It was great to have them with.
So with a mix of apprehension and excitement 12 divers hit the water as the sun sank below the horizon at trusty Long Beach. For convenience we again split into groups of four divers. My group went in search of the short tailed stingray with an epic swim to chains and back to the pipeline, we didn’t find the ray, only a huge patch of disturbed sand which meant we were in the right place. What we did find were some unusual fish species which was the highlight of the dive for me. Other groups found the smaller species or ray, as well as the staples of pipefish, sole and beaked sandfish.

Haa, I almost forgot and the seal that gave Mandy a heart attack as it bombed past her as she was looking at the puffer fish, and also played with us for a couple of minutes at the end of the pipeline.
Thank you OMSAC for another great dive

Dive Site: Long Beach
Dive Leader: Various
No Divers: 12
Dive Time: 60min
Temperature: 14-17 Degrees
Vizability 5-7m verticle