OMSAC News Letter October 2018

Hello omsaciaans

Wow, what a bumper couple of months we’ve had, from braai’s to cleanups & a talk by Plastic SA and of course plenty of diving.

Burger night – 23 August



Thanks to Lezette for organising an awesome burger night and to Clynton for doing all the braai’ing. Who needs the spur – Lezette catered for all taste buds, from cheese burgers to vegetarian burgers (which isn’t too bad) and even just plain old salad burger.


Kalk Bay Harbour cleanup – 1 September

Several members of our club met up on Saturday, 1 September to help do a cleanup at Kalk Bay Harbour. The weather conditions for the “on land” cleanup was great and from what I heard the water was a bit surgy but our divers managed to bring up quite a bit of lead, fishing line and some really mean looking fishing hooks. The cherry on top though was Arno finding some bullets.

And let’s not forget … the most fun part of the day was when Melanie, while trying to help some of the divers out the water, very gracefully fell into the water. Unfortunately this was not caught on camera – maybe next time!!

Plastic SA talk at OMSAC – 13 September

John Kieser from Plastic SA join us at OMSAC to explain the damaging effects plastic has on our sea creatures and what we need to do to try and avoid this.

Did you know … Plastic Recycling 2017*

  • 43,7% of plastics were collected for recycling in South Africa
  • 334 727 tons of plastics recycled back into raw materials
  • 74% of the plastics that were recycled, came from landfill and other post-consumer sources
  • Enough landfill space was saved thanks to plastics recycling to fill 714 olympic size swimming pools

*Sourced from Plastics SA

International Coastal Cleanup : Hout Bay Harbour – 15 September

Over a hundred bags of plastic litter was collected from Hout Bay Harbour and beach.

Every year we organize this event because we are ocean lovers and we want to stop more and more plastic landing up in the ocean. We are all responsible for our planet. Considering the ocean produces 70% of the oxygen we breathe we have to protect it. The plastic is slowly killing the ocean and its inhabitants. We need to be part of the change and not part of the problem. Start recycling and if not recyclable make an eco brick. This year we corroborated with various organisations and it was a big success. Thank you very much for every volunteer.
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PS: Thanx to all that joined and sponsored prices.  Reef Souths Africa, City of Cape Town, Alan and Monica Olivier, De Mooij exports, Somerset timbers, Houtbay bay Market , Pick a Pay, NSRI, Plastics SA, DiveInn and many many more.

Submitted by Naomi vd Colff

Hiring of Old Mutual Sports Club

Did you know … you can hire out the venues at the Old Mutual Sports Club.

Rate for top & bottom venue:
R350.00 during the week
R1500.00 on Saturdays.  R500.00 refundable if bar tab exceeds R1500.00

For more information visit their website.

Dive Stats

No of divers = 18
Guests = 2
Dive time min = 390
Temperature = 15.0

Upcoming events

27 Oct – Sports day at OM Sports Club
27 Oct – Halloween party at FBUC


3 Oct – Angela Sass
12 Oct – Carel vd Colff