Noble Reef

Average Depth: 18 m

Maximum Depth: 26 m

Entry Type: Boat Dive

Site description:This dive site is named after the large amount of noble coral found on this reef. The reef comprises reef and gullies, with sheer walls reaching to the sand at the edge of the seaward side of the reef. Closer to the shore at depths of 19m, the reef becomes flatter and the gives way to lower profile reef, large round boulders and gravel.

What to look out for: Noble coral on all the pinnacles, lots of sea fans, basket stars, white sea catfish, koester, red roman, doublesash butterfly fish, many different types of klipfish and gobies. Sea spiders have also been spotted here and there are many different types of nudibranchs, including gasflame, silverip, black, orange clubbed, orange and red-spotted dorids as well as candy, orange-eyed and purple ladies can be found in the plant life on the tops of the pinnacles. Lacy false coral is quite plentiful here, as are basket stars on the sea fans.