I was fortunate enough to be in Simonstown for a work function, and managed to get a dive in while i was there. Mike and I met up at Long Beach just after 7 PM, and experienced a comedy of errors while kitting up. The one cylinder didn’t quite fit with my regulator, so we swapped cylinders. Then Mike couldn’t get his BCD strap to clamp down on the other cylinder, while i lost the O ring of my cylinder, but we were keen to dive so we pushed through.

The dive was absolutely worth the effort! We had 20 degree water, with 10 meters of visibility, and a bottom time of 57 minutes. We saw loads of baby fish, two octopi, a bright red cuttlefish and it looked like all the hermit crabs were looking for new homes. But the highlight of the evening was definitely the giant ray. With a wingspan of approximately 2m, and a height of maybe a half meter, it was phenomenal stumbling upon this giant. It was more awesome when we saw it move off, which is when we noticed the smaller one tagging along. Unfortunately it kicked up a storm of sand when it swam away, so we couldn’t follow (and hence the unclear pics), but it was an absolutely spectacular site!

Maggs Hoosain