Alison Beere

Position on committee: Social Media

What are you looking forward to about being on the committee? Getting to know people better

How did you hear about OMSAC/come to join OMSAC? Heard it recommended on Underwater CapeTown and joined to meet fun, regular dive buddies

How long have you been a member?  Since November 2020

What is your current scuba qualification? PADI Advanced, Deep Spec and Nitrox 

What do you do when you’re not diving? Read, dive, get out into the fynbos

What is your favourite Cape dive site and why? I’m not picky, I just love being underwater. But on a clear day, Justin’s Cave feels like flying around skyscrapers in blue gin!

What’s your idea of the best-ever dive buddy? Someone chilled, who doesn’t poke the underwater critters

What is your bucket list dive site? Aliwal Shoal

What’s your best tip for a new diver? Keep your hands folded so that you learn ASAP  to use gentle breathing to control your buoyancy