Introducing the 2022 committee…

What led you to scuba diving? (How did it all start?)

My career was always with ships, so I guess it was only natural to see what was beneath the waves.

What is your highest level of scuba qualification and how long have you been diving?

CMAS Two Star / Nitrox Since 1992 with a gap of 20 years to date.

What do you do with your free time when you’re not underwater?

Walk the mountains with our dogs.

What keeps you diving? (Macro/micro marine life, diving experience peace and quiet or social aspect?)

Peace and Quiet.

What are you most excited about related to OMSAC and diving in the coming year?

The growth of the Club after coming out of COVID.

Share a fond memory related to being a member of OMSAC (on a dive, at an event or club night, etc).

The 2021 Red Sea Jol, too much to remember.

If you had to recommend a Cape dive site, which one would it be and why?

Pyramid, due to the abundance of pipefish (one of my favourite species).

If you could dive anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Matemo Island, Northern Mozambique.

What, in your mind, makes a good dive buddy?

Somebody who is always aware of their buddy and their own and buddy’s limitations.

Be honest 😉 What kind of dive buddy are you?


What is your best tip/trick for new divers?

Relax , your breathing will slow and so will your air consumption improve.