Unfortunately things can go wrong on even the easiest of dives. You were enjoying the dive, your buddy was right next to you and then suddenly you can’t see them – what now?


Stop and do a slow visual 360-degree spin, remembering to look both upwards and downwards. Try spotting your buddy’s bubbles.

Sound and Lights!

If you have a dive light or tank banger use it to see if you can signal your dive buddy or let them locate you.


Having spent a minute looking for your buddy, ascend to the surface slowly while remembering to perform your safety stop. While at your safety stop, deploy your surface maker buoy so that your buddy can easily spot you if he is searching for you at the surface. Perform another 360-degree spin, looking in all directions for signs of your missing buddy.

At the surface, wait for your buddy to emerge while continuing to look for the air bubbles. If you were on a boat dive, return to the boat and inform the crew that you’re missing a buddy.

Do not re-descend to look for your buddy.