Morning…post from Rochelle….am at Long Beach if anyone would like to join me.

Me….mmm well I am alone today….yes get off my butt and go.

Arrive…27 degrees, sunny, Rochelle catching a tan.

Rochelle…I am getting hot, lets dive, I have my camera housing back. (Hopefully not leaking)


Water was 17 degrees, snorkelling out from the beach, I thought we were at home in my pool. Had to stop and take 2 to realise the viz was incredible. For me the clearest yet at this both loved and despised spot for diving !

It was all excitement cause I could get to be the under water model. It was a real fun dive, so relaxed we just wallowed in the moments. Rochelle taking pics, myself the poser, or just cruising to the next spot that caught our eye !

Everything was abundant in colour, the coral, the fans, the pipe fish, the PLENTIFUL cuttlefish, the nudi’s, the little blue fin gurnards scurrying along the sea bed, the box jellies even had purple shades.

Long beach was at its best in every way, one of those dives that you sometimes wondered if you were really under water…. And that was because after 75 minutes Rochelle asked me how much air I had left, and I was too relaxed to even figure out what she was signalling…oops !