Introducing the 2022 committee…

What led you to scuba diving? (How did it all start?)

I’ve always loved the ocean. One day an OMSAC club member took me for a try dive in the Glencairn today pool and the rest is history!

What is your highest level of scuba qualification and how long have you been diving?

Open water. I’ve been diving for exactly one year this month.

What do you do with your free time when you’re not underwater?

I enjoy forest walks, pilates and devouring books of all shapes and sizes.

What keeps you diving? (Macro/micro marine life, diving experience peace and quiet or social aspect?)

For me diving is about the whole experience! Kitting up, talking nonsense, seeing amazing things, talking about the amazing things we saw afterwards. And all the fishies!!! I could spend hours following a school, hoping they accept me as one of their own 🐟.

What are you most excited about related to OMSAC and diving in the coming year?

Getting to know the club members and Cape dive sites better, growing my confidence in the water and learning new things.

Share a fond memory related to being a member of OMSAC (on a dive, at an event or club night, etc).

Sitting in the parking lot at long beach after a long dive on a hot day, taking in the sun and sea and feeling of being a part of something great.

If you had to recommend a Cape dive site, which one would it be and why?

My personal favourite dive site is Froggy Pond. For a lover of macro life and creatures on the ground rather than on a vertical face, this is the place to be!

If you could dive anywhere in the world, where would you go?


What, in your mind, makes a good dive buddy?

Someone who is content to lead or follow, who remembers that they have a buddy (at least most of the time), and who doesn’t want to spend too much time in a single place.

Be honest 😉 What kind of dive buddy are you?

Calm and conscientious. I tend to get cold quickly, so if you see me doing backflips and dolphin kicks, you know why.

What is your best tip/trick for new divers?

If you’re stressed out before you get in the water, odds are that you’re not going to have a relaxing dive. Take your time and take it easy while kitting up, and make time to ensure you and your buddy are on the same page about your strategy and signals.