Wednesday afternoon and the OMSAC  die-hards, Mark, Evert, Ander with Pisces Divers DMT’s Tom and Olivia and me got to a very busy Kalk Bay harbour with crayfish fisherman offloading Crayfish.

But we need lead for the weights the club is busy moulding  and had to get in the water with boats cars and fisherman everywhere. Some of us even had to carry our kit from the top parking area to the harbour wall, were we kitted up and did the giant jump in the 1-3 meter viz, 13 degree water.

60 minutes later we all were out on the wall again with about 20 kg of sinkers. This dive also offered some interesting sightings like a weird coloured dorid and even a big spider crab.

We are hoping to be back again Wednesday at 3.30 so everyone is welcome. Please note we choose this times as then there is not a lot of line fisherman on the wall. They do not like it when we take the sinkers off their lines 😉