I met Jenny on my very first OMSAC Club Dive trip to Ponta Do Ouro. I was such a newbie. A newly minted AOW diver with less than 30 dives to my name but at least I had the sense to realise I knew nothing. I was anxious about my air consumption and getting lost and ruining other peoples dive by having to end dives early. She was extraordinarily patient and her calm demeanour both above and below the water put me instantly at ease. Her knowledge of the Southern Mozambique reefs is extensive and her ability to find and point out all the interesting critters on the reef system makes every dive an adventure.

Born in Sweden, Jenny has a passion for nudibranchs and a natural talent for underwater photography. She arrived in Southern Mozambique in 2010 where she met her husband and now business partner Rupert Cornelius. Together they own and run Back to Basics Adventures which is quite understandably rated #1 in Ponta Do Ouro on Tripadvisor.

On her daily dives with clients she keeps an eye out for interesting and unusual animals and behaviours. She started Project Nudibranch in 2011 and the field guide A Guide to Sea Slugs of the Maputaland Coast in conjunction with Georgina Jones in the result.

If you’re ever in Ponta, make sure you dive with Rupert, Jenny and the team at Back to Basics. You won’t regret it.