Hi fellow divers and club members

It was interesting to attend our first ever OMSAC Zoom AGM as a result of the Covid19 social distancing.

In the last 2 months or so, we had huge disappointments with not being able to dive or meet at the club. I can understand your frustration as I share it with you, but be that as it may, these sure are interesting times that we are living in. Hopefully soon the relaxation will take place so that we can start diving
together as a club again. Obviously, this all being new to us and living in a fickle
country that has surprises lined up for us each week, this could be very challenging.

There would be nothing more satisfying than a nice dive at A-frame or even a boat dive as we have seen some really good diving weather in the month gone by… more to be spoken of when we are allowed to dive again.

I would like to thank those that attended the AGM on 7th May and also for the vote of confidence in appointing me as your new chairman. Thank you Naomi for all your hard and dedicated work to the club and to all the committee members that served so well. Each and every one of you played a very important and vital role to keep the club going.

I would also like to welcome in the elected new committee for 2020/21, as follows:

Chairman: David Welch
Vice Chairman: Carel van der Colff
Treasurer: Tanya Pitcher
Diving Officer: Lucien Kloeckner
Equipment officer: Carel van der Colff
Social : Mandy Oaten & Lezette Fick
Media officer: Tamyn Whitnall & Kelly Graham
Secretary: Cindy Kleyn

Our next challenge at the club would be to start filling cylinders as soon as we are able to. We have certain guideline precautions that we will implement with regards filling, safety etc. This procedure being new to us, we will best accommodate all regarding the fills by extending fill times with cylinder operators volunteering to assist on various days when it is possible for them to do so. Once we start doing this, we will get a clearer picture as to the operation of the new procedures. At our first committee meeting which will be held on 28th May 2020, we can discuss this more in-depth. This meeting might have to take place via Zoom again, I will confirm this with you closer to the time.

Previous procedures and all events that would usually take place during the year, will continue as normal if we are able to do so.

I am happy to listen to any new ideas that we can consider for the club in the year to come. All suggestions welcome.

Thank you and kind regards