Everyone can have a bad day or have something go wrong on a dive when you’ll need to rely on your dive buddy for help. So how can you be a better dive buddy?

Practice your dive skills regularly.

Regulator recovery, mask clearing, free flowing regulator, controlling an emergency ascent, switching to your alternate, unbuckling weight belts we’ve all been taught, but you’ll be surprised at how many divers forget the most basic of skills in an emergency situation. Practice regularly and you’ll gain confidence to perform them when needed.

Ask Questions

Learn by asking your dive master, instructor or other divers for scenarios they might have faced and if you have any queries or situations you don’t know how to resolve.

Gear up for emergencies

Carry your own safety gear. Don’t rely on your buddy to have what you’ll need in an emergency. A surface signalling device is important when boat diving, in case you surface out of sight of the dive boat, you should also have a whistle to draw attention.

Rescue Course

Get your rescue and emergency response certification as there’s nothing better to develop your own self-rescue ability than learning how to rescue someone else. The focus on emergency situations and practical training will boost your confidence and increase your comfort levels underwater.

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