Justin and I set off to Millers slipway to search for the missing GoPro. Although the
sea was flat there had been reports of a strong surge and with an incoming tide we
decided to go back to A-frame.

Martin who got caught up in the Kalk Bay stop/go system met us there. A quick look
showed a very flat sea at low tide thus making for an easy entry. So we kitted up and
got into the water.

Justin led with Martin and I following. We dropped down to 4m and Justin using his
compass took us out towards the group of rocks making up A frame. The compass
was required as the viz dropped quickly and varied between 3-4 m.

In the gloom of a plankton bloom Justin pointed out a passing shadow which he saw
but I did not until a seal appeared out of nowhere and nearly head butted me. He
swam around us making sure we were not stealing his lunch and then disappeared
as fast as he arrived.

Justin still using his compass and his memory of landmarks (can they be land marks
underwater) took us around the dive site.

Martin had his spare GoPro and took a few pictures which he has posted on his
facebook page.

Martin and I saw a biggish pajama shark which ducked under an overhang before
Martin could get a picture.

After about 40 minutes we surfaced right at the exit point. As we all had plenty of
air we ducked down again and followed the rocks along the shore into an area I
have never been before. Although it was very shallow we spent another 10 minutes
looking around and then popped up at the exit point again.

Add navigation to Justin’s committee portfolio.

Thanks to Justin for leading and to Martin for being my buddy ‘assisting’ me to put on
my fins and then drag me out of the water after the dive.