So on Saturday morning I went for a gyrocopter flight from the Fisantekraal airfield just outside of Durbanville. The pilot, Louis, showed me just how manoeuvrable this little airplane is  by doing steep ascents and descents, sharp turns and pivot rotations – which was a BRILLIANT flight. We hit a maximum altitude of 2000 feet above sea level and skimmed a mere 50 feet above the ground as well. Making a remarkable 30 minute flight. Louis handed the controls to me briefly, allowing me to experience this amazing craft first hand.

Later on, Jolene, Naomi, Justin, Carel, Stephan, Martin and I met up in Simonstown for a dive. We wanted to dive Windmill Beach but the water wasn’t looking too good there, so we headed back to Long Beach for a night dive, and what an AWESOME dive it turned out to be. An amazing 73 minutes in the 15 degree water (the coldest at one point being 12 degrees) with loads to see! We got to see 3 octopi on the dive, cuttlefish, shysharks and lots of other fish. It was an absolutely fantastic dive.