Greetings fellow people of genus OMSACciana Capetonia!

Despite the few drops of rain we had an awesome time at the Finathon yesterday! I would like to thank everyone involved and who made this day such a memorable event and overall success, not just the people who participated, but those who manned the shore and kept the boerie rolls going as well! They were a welcome refreshment after a high-paced swim. I do however think that our underwater efforts paled against that of Rochelle Harwin, who according to my knowledge, completed the entire surface swim in a time shorter that all our scuba efforts combined. Well done Rochelle!

I would also like to personally congratulate Jolene Potgieter for doing her first TRULY successful boat dive, start to finish, without any equalization or other complications whatsoever, as well as for showing exceptional navigation skills and air economy on what I believe to be one of her deepest and potentially coldest dives to date. She maintained our 210 degree heading without fail, at a site she has never dived before.

Usually I would be able to share the entire dive report with you, but as this was a relay, I can only give you some insight into our little 25 minute experience under water…

We descended to 14 m in just a minute and began our fast-paced cruise at a heading of 210 degrees. Temperatures were a constant 14 degrees with a drop to 13 at about 16 minutes into the dive. Now, I said this in Dixies and it confused some people, but I’ll say it again and hope that it will make more sense in writing: There wasn’t much to see, but everything we saw, was things we’ve never seen before… The stretch we did consisted of just a barren sandy bottom as far as you could see (and the viz was pretty good since we could the the bottom from the boat). The fauna we DID come across however were mainly filter feeders like long, white tube worms which I am yet to identify, some anemone and two HUGE Rooth Mouthed jellies. Apart from that we saw two liquor bottles, a spent high-caliber round casing, and sand… I went from 200 bar to 60 bar in 23 minutes, with an average consumption of 30l/min. We.Were. Swimming. After 24 minutes we got back on the boat, and then jumped back in closer to Long Beach to do the last few meters and exit on the beach. This 7-minute swim was joined by a single Cape Fur Seal, which was feeling particularly gutsy as he made a point of showing off his teeth every few meters, in a fashion similar to Justin Johnson‘s surprise-upside-down-mask-scare! Returning the custom also did not seem to deter him. Just as I started contemplating punching him in the nose on the next pass, we reached the beach and all was well with the welcome sign of friendly faces on the beach, and the smell of boerie rolls in the air…

Once again, thank you to everyone involved, from the organizers, skippers, participants, and suppliers. Your efforts were noticed and appreciated in this worthy cause against the senseless finning of our toothed friends.

Martin Els