This dive site is reached by launching from Gordon’s Bay and heading out past Strand. 

It is a huge oval shaped reef that starts at 15m and slopes gently outwards to about 26m. 

Rather than having huge pinnacles, the reef has ridges, gullies and round craters that almost look as if bombs have been dropped there.

What to look out for:

Lots of nudibranchs and dorids – scribbled, variable, purple ladies, gasflame, chocolate chip, spiky, blue dorids, inkspot – you name it, you are likely to find it here! 

Lots and lots of sea fans (forests of them!), schools of smaller fish such as hottentot, zebra and kolstert, shyshark, leopard catshark, pleated toad fish, bull rays, Chinese and bull klipfish, octopus, cuttlefish, hotlips spider crabs.

This post is part of a collaboration with Indigo Scuba to learn more about Gordon’s Bay Dive sites.