After a fabulous Dive Festival, you might be thinking, “That was great, I can’t wait for the next one.”

You might also want to join boats going to “Advanced” dive sites…

… or just be able to stay down for longer before you hit your decompression limit. In short, it’s time to think about continuing your Dive Education, so that you become the safer, more experienced diver you want to be.

🥁Time for a drum-roll, because Dive Education is our latest monthly theme!


What does it take to become experienced and safe beyond an Open Water qualification and time in the water? We’re eyeing the next steps up the skills ladder: Advanced, Nitrox and Rescue courses as well as at least one speciality (or two)


Want to use less air and dive for longer? Better buoyancy means more efficient air consumption, and less damage to our reefs and underwater environment, so we all want that 😀.

On Saturday 28 May we have a free skills workshop focused on improving buoyancy (no charge for paid-up members, nominal cost of guests) and it’ll be the perfect way to kick off up-skilling.