This small reef takes its name from the fact that it is located between Outer and Inner Castle and resembles a fort, given that the main feature is a fort like structure comprising of a boulder resting on several other boulders, thereby creating a H shaped swim through, allowing you to enter (or protect the fort) from four different areas.

Although small, this reef offers some amazing swim throughs both at the main structure and in the surrounding reef. In area there are numerous deep cracks which shelter loads of shy fish and juvenile crayfish. To the east of the site is a sandy patch, so look out for rays, whilst in all other directions the reef continues. Typical fish and invertebrates common to False Bay are encountered here. A nice, easy, shallow dive to do as your second dive of the day.

Maximum depth: 15m

Average Depth: 8m

Visibility: 4-10m depending on prevailing weather conditions

This site is within a Marine Protected Area and a permit is required to dive the site.